We purchased our first black Beefmaster Bull and Heifer calf from Happy Days Beefmasters in Commerce Georgia from Marcus and Brenda Lingerfelt in 2002.
Black Maxx May beefmaster Mag.jpg


- Black Fire is one of the newest herd sires that we brought into our program. We bought him at the Emmons 4th annual bull sale in Groesbeck Texas.  

-  He is Hannah Bar Ranch's first advancer beefmaster bull. 

- This bull is powerful and smooth from front to back and will be in our herd for years to come. 

Canaan Romero 

Canaan Romero 


- Golden Goerge is another bull we bought at the Emmons 4th annual bull sale with the bull Black Fire. 


-  He is smooth, muscular, and is a very solid bull. He will be in our herd making and renewing old genetics. 

-He was put in a bull forge test program for 75 days with 50 other bulls and was gaining 3.6 pounds every day. 

- He was BSE tested and trick tested, both tests were good and he is ready to breed your cattle.  

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 1.51.40 PM.png


- The EMS-Captian Louie bull is a bull that we purchased from the Emmons Ranch production sale in Fairfield Texas.


- The EMS-Captian Louie bull has the meat, the smoothness, and is just built beautifully.   

- This bull has been collected and his semen is available on the semen page. 

- $35.00 dollars per unit which includes AI certificates. 


Canaan Romero 


- Here is one of Captain Louie's first calves that we got off of which was back in 2019. 


- She is only a yearling and is very remarkable from front to back and has inherited the thickness that her daddy (Louie) had in him. 



- Here is a beautiful red Captain Louie's calf that we produced also back in 2019 


- She is young not yet a yearling and is also such a good looking