Captain Louie

 - The EMS Captain Louie is smooth and is built beautifully

 -  We have purchased this bull from the Emmons ranch in

Fairfield Texas at their beefmaster production sale.

Bet On Bubba

 - Bet On Bubba is a beautiful bull that we owned semen from. 

 - The owner of this bull is Mrs. Cindy and Mr. Steve Emmons from Fairfield Texas. 

 - The Cavalier bull is a powerful, smooth, and is just a amazing herd sire. 

 - All of the calfs he produced for us are wonderfully built and are spectacular cattle.  

Cat- Man -Do

 - This bull is a Painted Tiger son and the pedigree on this bull is outstanding. 

Painted Tiger 

 - The Painted Tiger bull has the muscle, the pedigree, and has everything you need to make the most superior cattle in your herd. 

 - Our cattle of this bull is like no other. 

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