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Golden Goerge 

- Golden Goerge is another bull we bought at the Emmons 4th annual bull sale with the bull Black Fire. 


-  He is smooth, muscular, and is a very solid bull. He will be in our herd making and renewing old genetics. 

-He was put in a bull forge test program for 75 days with 50 other bulls and was gaining 3.6 pounds every day. 

- He was BSE tested and trick tested, both tests were good and he is ready to breed your cattle.  


- Nitro is a bull that we raised on Hannah Bar Ranch since he was a calf.


- As a calf, we began to see progress in build and smoothness.


-  He is an outstanding bull that has the muscle, the frame, and the pedigree that will make your breeding program better and he is ready to get to work for you. 


Beast Mode 

- Beast Mode is a bull who is young and has always been just a powerful, thick, muscular kinda bull and is a bull that we love to look out in the pasture and see. 


- He has one of the most favored female genetics in our program which is in his background. 

- He is an extremely tame bull

- He is a slick polled purebred beefmaster bull whom you can depend on to make some outstanding cattle in your herd. 

- Sold to Glenn Sanga from Hammond Louisiana. 

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