Females Are The Start To Your Herd

Diamond Magic 

- This is a beautiful female that is producing great bull and female calves. 

- Each year she calves, and every year she is consistent with the same beautiful featured calves as the year before. 

- she is making top dollar animals and we can't wait to began putting her calves in the future sales. 

- She is a female that we can depend on to make superior calves to put into our program. 

Canaan Romero 


-  This is one of Diamond Magic's 2019 calves who is such a beautiful, think, and polled red calf. 

- She is four months old in this picture and I will be posting more pictures of this young heifer calf in the future. 

Canaan Romero 

Black Ruby 

- Black Ruby was one whom we purchased from Mrs. Brenda and Mr. Marcus Lingerfelt. 

- Black Ruby won the Louisiana beefmaster state championship.

- Ruby also won the AOB (All Other Breeds) state championship at Louisiana State University (LSU).

Good Grass Makes Healthy Cattle