Look at these amazing AI Herd Sires 

Black Bayou 

- Black Bayou has gotten into our program through Canaan Romero.   

- This was Canaan's first time buying semen from anyone at the age of fifteen years old. He said before he'd even got a calf from this bull "I know they're gonna be some great calves on the ground this year"

- He is very smooth all around, muscular, and at last, he is polled. 

King George 

- King Goerge is big, powerful, and is an amazing bull.

- He is the kind of bull that Hannah Bar Ranch can depend on to put smooth and beautiful calves on the ground.


- This is another polled bull, which we like to put out in our herd.  

Black Lazer 

- Black Lazer is beginning to be used in our AI program each and every year because of his great calves he puts out. 

- He is a stout bull all over from body structure to pedigree to masculinity. 


- He is black and polled and he also puts out black and polled animals.   


- MR- SYNERGY LAZER is a polled and black heifer who is as gentle as she can be and is a wonderful blackand polled female. 


- She was an AI calf back in 2017 and we began to notice how amazing her build was from top to bottom and the length and thickness she had at just a 4-month-old calf.  

Cavalier Bull_edited.jpg


 -  Cavalier is a powerful, smooth, and is just an amazing bull that we own a syndicate amount of semen from. 

 - All of the calfs Cavalier produced for our program is wonderfully built and are spectacular cattle.  


 - MR- RUBY'S CAVALIER is a red and polled heifer, which was a recipe calf back in 2017.  


- She is a young and nice-looking red female whom we will begin using in our herd. 


- He dam is Black Ruby whom we have posted on our female page. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 8.52.15 PM.png

Painted Tiger 

 - Painted Tiger has the muscle, the meat, and the milk EPD that makes the beefmaster program superior to our cattle industry. 

 - The cattle on our ranch that have his genetics in the background are phenomenal. 


 - Laster Levi one of the oldest bulls the beefmaster breed but also one of the best bulls in the breed. 

 - This bull is a masculine, thick body, tall and lengthy from front to back and with his size we know we can put some pounds on the ground. 

- Levi has very little semen available but with the units we have, we are begining to AI our females with this bull to show how great this bull can be when put on great females.